Let's design your Summer Healthy Living Action Plan!

You work so hard all winter long eating right and working out, then summer hits and you ease off on the healthy habits, kick back and relax. You find yourself in September with extra weight on, feeling heavy, inflamed, back at square one.

Why not make this summer different? Let me help you design and plan a proactive strategy so you can maintain your healthy momentum, stay fit, toned and energized throughout the summer. 

I've put together a special 90-minute coaching session at a deeply discounted price, to guide you through a process to develop and implement a Summer Healthy Living Action Plan.

With your action plan in place you'll feel:

  • Empowered to make your health and wellness happen, instead of life just happening to you. 
  • Confident in the mindful decisions and choices you'll make around food, drink, excercise and self care.
  • A sense of meaning and purpose that inspires you to show up for yourself each day.    

During your 90-minute coaching session we will:

  • Review your food diary to identify hidden sugars, make upgrades and swaps and look at the timing of your meals and snacks for optimal energy.
  • Map out three areas of your health and wellness that you want to work on this summer. 
  • Put it all together into your Summer Healthy Living Action Plan.
  • Discuss how to track your progress along the way to make sure you reach your health and wellness goals.
  • Follow it all up with two 15 mintue, phone accountability check-ins and email support. 

The Essentials of Your
Summer Healthy Living Action Plan

This special package is offered for a limited time only.
Book your 90-mintue phone or skype session before
Friday June 30, 2017 for $149 + hst.  
(This is a $90 savings from my hourly pricing)

Food & Nutrition

Track your food intake for seven days before we meet, send me your food diary and during our session I'll give you my expert tips, suggestions and recommendations on how to make tweaks, swaps and upgrades for healthier whole foods living.

Areas of Focus

Choose three specific areas of your health to focus on over the summer. Using coaching techniques and my mapping process, we'll dig deep into each area to develop measurable, realistic goals and specific action steps for each area of focus. 

The Action Plan

We'll put it all together in an easy-to-reference action plan that clearly outlines your action steps, timing, accountabilities and sources of support. In addition, you'll have a customized nutrition plan to keep you full, satisfied, lean and energized. 

Track & Support

With your plan in place, I'll leave you with a weekly tracker tool to keep you on plan and measuring your progress. Plus, you'll get added accountability during two 15 minutes phone check-ins with me over the summer plus email support. 

About your Wellness Coach, Michelle MacLean, CIHC, ACC

Michelle MacLean is a wellness coach, nutrition consultant and health writer dedicated to offering natural solutions to health and healing.

She created The Blood Sugar Shift, an 8-week, online group coaching program, and has helped many people break the nasty sugar cycle, balance blood sugars and reclaim their vitality and wellbeing. 

Michelle combines whole foods nutrition, behavioural change strategies and coaching principles, with warmth and a hint of sweetness, into practical, proven, step-by-step solutions.

Michelle received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Real Balance Global Wellness and is certified through the International Association of Health Coaches and the International Coach Federation. 

Michelle lives by the ocean in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia with her husband and two cats. 


Here's what  a couple of Michelle's clients said about working with her . . . 

A personal, sincere and loving approach

Michelle genuinely cares about you and your success with your health. She has a personal, sincere and loving approach. Three months into working with her and I have a new attitude toward food and my health. I’m better prepared for shopping, prepping and cooking food.

I live a whole foods life and my family and friends are very proud of my accomplishments with weight loss and all the benefits I have received with being accountable for what I eat.

LyAnn Hanham

I learned acceptance and letting go

Michelle’s approach was comfortable, uncluttered, (w)holistic, and backed by emerging nutritional science, behavioural change and connectedness. I learned acceptance and letting go through the Sugar Shift process. 

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your wisdom, experience, passion and genuine compassion. Your dedication to well-balanced, comprehensive health and your aptitude for encouraging self-discovery in others is a unique gift.

Jillian Oickle